>All season houses made of glued beams

  • Glued beam thickness 20cm without insulation
  • Glued beam thickness 24cm without insulation
  • Glued beam thickness 26cm without insulation

>Prices includes:

  • Outer and inner walls made of glued spruce beams dried 14/18%
  • The walls of the attic made in frame construction finished with log like boards 24×186 mm both sides. An option to make all walls from glued beams
  • The ceiling glued beams 16×20cm, padding of the ceiling – spruce paneling + ceiling insulation with mineral wool 25cm (at the house with attic sound insulation 10cm + floorboards 28mm)
  • Spruce stairs (at the house with attic)
  • Wooden floors pine or spruce 28mm floor insulation 10cm
  • The roof structure, steel roofing tiles + complete roofing treatment + standard roof windows
  • Bathrooms ready to tiling with ceramic tiles, waterproof drywall
  • Complete windows wooden woodwork painted with choosen color
  • Complete doors inner and outer woodwork painted with choosen color
  • Painting of the house from the outside
  • Architectural plans
  • Assembly anywhere in the country
  • Transport up to 100km

>Price does not include:

  • Foundations
  • Media (water and electrical fittings)
  • Projects (water and plumbing, building wiring etc.)
  • Chimneys
  • Fireplaces
  • Transport of materials over 100km
  • VAT (8%)