Construction of logs houses

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Outer and inner walls of solid logs houses or glued beams houses, windproof insulation, construction, the mineral wool insulation, vapor insulation, inner walls finished on the inside with boards simulating outdoor log 22mm thick. Logs with a thickness of 18cm does not require additional insulation.

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Floor – horizontal insulation of foundation screed, mineral wool insulation between joists, spruce floor or pine floor 28mm thick.

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Ceilings over the part of the ground floor – laminated timber beams spaced at about 80cm, the formwork beams, vapor insulation, floor joists, mineral wool between the joists and spruce floor or pine floor 28mm thick. The wooden roof of house with purlin rafter construction or collar beam construction. We prefer lightweight coated tiles-like roofing sheet.

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Roof insulation with mineral wool 25cm inside finish with spruce wood paneling. Internal stairs are from laminated spruce wood and other wood species.

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Doors woodwork – wooden, complete with locks and hardware painted with color of choice.

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Wooden window woodwork Euro-type with insulating glass, wood finish on both sides with inner and outer sills.

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All parts of the ceilling walls and roof are kiln-dried with humidity 14-18%. Roofing and glulam structures are made with the use of specialized equipment for woodworking Hundegger K2i. In the production highly precise designs of each detail and log are required. Hundegger K2i machining center is the latest machine for wood processing, it ensures accuracy of each workpiece to the millimeter. It provides the highest quality, reliable products and facilitates the construction of houses and minimizes its duration. Installation time of our homes, depending on the size, is of 4 to 6 weeks.