We produce and build wooden houses based on Scandinavian technology, proven in the harsh conditions of north.

>Our houses are characterized primarily by:

  • Production technology
  • Functionality
  • Unique design

>We build, among others:

[accordion_toggle title=”Glued beams houses”]

Glued beams are made by glueing together from two to four thinner elements. The thickness of glued beams begins at 10-24cm. Beams are made of scandinavian spruce lumber. Thanks to vertical glueing (with colorless melamine resin) glued beams retain the typical character of solid wood beams. Outer walls in the house from glued beams are made of logs, eg 24cm thick and inner walls of thinner glued beams, eg 12cm. Beams with a thickness of at least 18cm does not require additional insulation. Houses made of solid logs KVH – isolated. Outer and inner walls made of the solid logs 10-14cm thick made of kiln-dried spruce wood finger-jointed. Insulation of the outer walls are made of mineral wool laid between the construction independent of the solid logs, wool is usually 15cm thick, steam and wind insulation. The insides of a solid logs houses or glued beams houses are made from log like boards 22mm thick and about 20cm high, depending on the height of beams.

[accordion_toggle title=”Ceiling”]

Ceiling beams are made of glued laminated timber or solid spruce wood KVH, 14×20cm thick of the spacing of 80cm on a ceiling beams blind floor 14×120mm (spruce paneling) is studded, then steam insulation, impregnated floor joists 5×10cm, between the joists sound insulation with mineral wool, and then floorboards is laid. If the solid logs house or glued beams house has an unused attic then insulation of ceiling is made with mineral wool 25cm and of floor with the OSB board 18mm.

[accordion_toggle title=”Floors of ground floor’s and attic”]

The standard floor boards are made of pine boards or spruce boards 28×146mm thick. There is an option of floors from hardwood such as oak.

[accordion_toggle title=”Roof construction”]

The roof truss is made of kiln-dried spruce four-planed wood. Roffing is made of steel roofing tiles with complete roofing treatment. The hoods are finished with spruce paneling. Roof insulation on the inside is made with the mineral wool 25cm thick, finishing inside is made with spruce paneling.

[accordion_toggle title=”Woodwork”]

Windows and doors woodwork is made of pine wood, painted with chosen color, customer can choose the model of the doors, windows, door handles. Windows are finished on both sides with wooden lining painted with color matching the woodwork color, the window sill on the outside made of aluminum painted to match the color of the window, the window sill on the inside painted to match the color of the woodwork.